They are rejoicing because they heard about the change in time to meet the September 1, 2012 filing deadline. I had an interesting telephone conference today initiated by the mother of a child. After we talked, she conferenced in her offspring’s “child-support-dad”. Mom wants child-support-dad to terminate his rights, because she is now married to the baby’s real dad, and the child having someone else’s last name, and his name on her birth certificate, is a continuing embarrassment to them all. She said she had informed the Attorney General’s Office about the “mistake” on numerous occasions over many years. Said the real dad really wants to be on the birth certificate and until this new law passed there was no legal way to get him there. The AG just told her there was nothing they could do about it.

Hard as it may be to believe in this day and time, that really was the state of the law in Texas until this new statute passed. The new law has been good news to a number of families, but most people still haven’t even heard about it. The ridiculous part of it is that the window of opportunity to file to straighten these “mistakes” out expires September 1st. After that, the majority of families that would otherwise qualify for this process will be disqualified because they have known dad wasn’t the REAL dad for too long. It doesn’t matter that they didn’t know about the change in the law; it doesn’t matter that they have talked with lawyers for years and heard that nothing could be done; all that is going to matter is that they have known he wasn’t the real father too long to qualify to fix it now.