When disagreements between spouses or loved ones escalate to threats or acts of violence, a protective order may be the best way to ensure a family’s safety. A protective order is a very powerful legal instrument. Anyone who has an order of protection against him or her can be barred from entering a home or making contact with the victims. In addition, a protective order can establish temporary child custody and child support arrangements. Therefore, if someone has sought a protective order against you, it is crucial to understand just how much is on the line. In either event, it is essential to work closely with a skilled attorney throughout this process. I am Dennis A. Fuller. I help victims of family violence seek protective orders. I also defend people who have been falsely accused of abuse.

How Does One Seek A Protective Order?

In Texas, if a judge receives evidence that someone is facing a “clear and present danger” of family violence, he or she can issue a temporary protective order. This order can only be in effect for 20 days. The judge must give the alleged abuser a chance to defend him or herself in a hearing. If, in this hearing, the judge believes there remains a threat, the judge can issue a final protective order of up to a year.

If you and your spouse are going through or contemplating divorce, a protective order or restraining order will have a major impact on how your divorce is resolved. Stated plainly, if there is a protective order against you, you will be at a real disadvantage in any custody dispute.

Putting Decades Of Experience Behind Every Case

Prior to focusing my career on family law and divorce, I worked as both a defense lawyer and an Assistant District Attorney in Dallas County. Consequently, I understand domestic violence cases from all perspectives. This provides meaningful benefits to people who are seeking protective orders, as well as people defending themselves against them. I will be prepared to make a strong argument to the court in support of your position.

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