No one needs to a reminder about the difficulties associated with ending a marriage, especially those who are currently going through a divorce. With this in mind, we thought it might be a good idea to talk about what can go right if or when the time comes to call it quits. While it’s true that ending a marriage is emotionally and physically exacting no matter what, a collaborative divorce might just be the best solution for many Dallas couples seeking to split up.

If you have never heard of divorcing collaboratively, it is a way to end marriage in an environment typically more positive than a courtroom. Collaborative efforts ensure both parties are well-represented, information between spouses is shared freely and the best interests of the children are always looked after.

What does it take to divorce collaboratively? The will to work with one another is probably the most important aspect. A collaborative divorce cannot work in the presence of constant bickering, threats or a slew of accusations from one spouse against another. Instead, this method allows both parties to retain their dignity while working toward an agreement that satisfies each spouse.

How does collaborative divorce work? Through a series of meetings between both parties and their attorneys, divorcing spouses calmly hash out a divorce agreement until each party is comfortable. The discussions can include child custody, support, property division and any number of other issues that often seem to plague the divorce process. These discussions and the decisions they render allow each person to retain his or her dignity and privacy because it remains a private affair from start to finish.

You can find out if divorce through collaboration is right for you by visiting our Texas family law section where you can read more about collaborative divorce.