If you ever questioned whether September 1, 2012 is really the deadline for filing a Paternity Fraud case in Texas, Judge Carole Clark from Tyler just gave you her answer. Judge Carole Clark told the Tyler Paper her oath of office requires her to uphold the laws of the state and the United States, but “Once September gets here, this unlimited statute of limitations will be over, and we will continue with a law that is more in keeping with centuries of statutory and case law.”


Gentlemen, a lot of people have worked long and hard to give you the opportunity to contest these Paternity Fraud cases. But most judges and the attorney general hate it. The reason you have this opportunity is because they HAD to give you this window in order to again SHIFT THE BLAME back to you for not requesting it within the 15 months they have so generously “given” you. If you are already ordered to pay child support, asking the attorney general for a test does not qualify as raising the issue. Only actually filing suit in a court by September 1, 2012 will keep you from being barred again.

For goodness sake – Don’t wait. If you have access to the child, get a test this week. If you don’t have access to the child, hire a lawyer. Come September 1, 2012, you’re going to be stuck – again, and they’re going to say it is your fault – not theirs.