As parents reestablish their new lives following a divorce, one parent may want or need to move to be closer to family, for a new job or for other reasons. This can seriously impact child custody arrangements. In Texas, one parent typically has the right to establish a child’s residence. Texas courts will generally restrict the ability of this parent to move. Therefore, this parent will need permission of the other parent or the court to move. In any event, every parent who wants to relocate with the children needs to formally modify the terms of their divorce order.

Any parent who wants to relocate, or any parent who opposes such a move, needs a lawyer as soon as possible. I am Dennis A. Fuller, Attorney at Law. From my office in Dallas, I help families across the region and across the state in all types of family matters.

Taking Decisive Action In Difficult Cases

Relocation is extremely challenging for everyone involved, simply because there are fewer opportunities for compromise. If the parent seeking to relocate is allowed to do so with the children, it can seriously alter the nature of the relationship with the children and nonmoving parent. On the other hand, if the relocating parent is not allowed to move with the children, he or she may have to forego employment opportunities.

When parents cannot agree, litigation may be the only way to resolve these issues. In relocation cases, the moving parent will have to show the court why a move is in the best interests of the child. Having practiced law since 1980, I have extensive trial experience. This experience is invaluable when advocating for my clients before a judge.

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