A man in McKinney, Texas, lost both his wife and his son just over seven years ago, when the couple got divorced and his wife took his 3-year-old son to India. The man was supposed to be sharing custody of his young child with his wife, according to the agreements from their divorce.

Authorities kept an eye on the woman while she was in India. Recently, they discovered that she was going to be coming to the United States, flying into the airport at Dallas. They were waiting for her there when her plane touched down, and they arrested her. The man and his son – the boy is 10 years old now – were brought back together again.

The man said that his son told him that he had missed him during their separation. This was stated in court documents, and he also went to the court to see what could be done to limit how much access his wife would have to the boy in the future. The judge complied with a restraining order, though it is only temporary, and more hearings will address the issue in the near future to find a more permanent solution.

The boy’s mother was charged with interfering with the child custody situation, and her bond has been set at $10,000. The federal government is even getting involved regarding her immigration status, putting it on hold.

When involved in child custody cases, it is crucial that parents know what rights they have pertaining to their children. This way, they can know when those rights have been violated and what steps they should take legally.

Source: Source: Dallas News, “Mother arrested at D/FW Airport after returning to U.S. with son,” Eva-Marie Ayala and Julieta Chiquillo, July 10, 2014