A surprising revelation on the DNA testing front: 75% of my clients seeking termination were servicemen in the armed forces at the time the child support order was entered. My hypothesis is that men in the service of their country have three strikes against them.

First, they are dealing with life and death responsibilities on a daily basis and that keeps them from having the luxury of asking questions about their personal lives most others would ask.

Second, they love family, want family, and miss their families. That makes them loath to cut off relationships.

Third, having a spirit of service, paying child support just falls into another category of service. It seems that they aren’t willing to question the parentage issue until they have a new child for which they are responsible.

I believe the values that motivate our soldiers to serve are the very ones that make them vulnerable to Paternity Fraud.

So I ask you: While our soldiers are fighting OUR enemies, who has THEIR back. One way to have their back is to pass this message on to all the servicemen you know paying child support. Or better yet, tell their REAL family. Tell their wife, their mom or their dad about this change.

If you have military connections, please help us get the word out to our servicemen and our veterans! Texas new DNA testing law has a deadline of September 1 2012.

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