When thinking about joint custody in Dallas, Texas, people who have not yet gone through the whole process may end up thinking that everything — time with the child, for instance, or decision-making power — is going to be divided up evenly. In reality, though, that is not usually done for a number of reasons.

Of course, there are the conventional reasons why one parent cannot have custody at all such as child abuse or the lack of a stable living situation. However, even when both parents do get to share custody, the agreement might not be a 50/50 split.

There are many reasons for this, but most of it comes back to what is good for the child. For instance, a true 50/50 split of physical custody would mean that the child had to move back and forth constantly. This schedule could be very hard for them. It could be impossible if it prevented them from doing things like attending the correct school. To make life better for the child, the custody agreement may put more of the child’s time at one parent’s house, while allowing the other parent chances to see him or her on weekends and holidays.

At the end of the day, the child will always come first in a judge’s eyes. The agreement will be as even as possible for the parents, but it must be weighted to give the child the best situation.

Those parents in Texas who are preparing for divorce should know exactly what rights they have when it comes to child custody, and they should also know what to expect out of the agreement.

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