A divorce case that has captured the attention of residents in Texas and Ohio, as well as other parts of the country, involved some ugly sexual factors that just got uglier. It revolves around a 2005 case of a man who lived in Texas but traveled all the way to an area near Columbus, Ohio, to pursue a sexual relationship with a girl who was allegedly 14. The man was twice her age.

When he arrived, the “girl” was actually an undercover law enforcement official. Police arrested him and slapped him with multiple charges, including pandering sexually explicit content with an underage minor, importuning and an attempt to use a minor in illicit nude behavior.

Two years later, he pleaded guilty to reduced charges of public indecency and harassment by telephone, both considered misdemeanors in the state of Texas. He spent over 100 days in jail and was on probation for five hears. He ended up serving 13 months of his probation before the judge ended it.

He now faces divorce charges nine years later. His wife is accusing him of shooting at her as she walked away. The man, now a talk show host in Cincinnati, finds himself implicated in accusations of adultery, gross neglect of duty and extreme cruelty. The wife seeks custody of the children and a significant amount of spousal support.

The wife was shot at the couple’s home and was treated and released from the hospital. According to reports, she was wounded when the husband, now 37, shot at her with his rifle in the driveway. The wounds were reportedly caused by cement shrapnel ricocheting off the driveway and its surroundings. The children were unhurt.

Although the radio show host told police the gun went off accidentally, they didn’t believe him. The wife asked that he be kept away from her, and police charged him with domestic violence and felonious assault. His father posted the bond of $500,000. He has been on house arrest and wears an electronic tracking device. He was scheduled to appear in court but the judge waived his appearance, scheduling another date in September. He could serve 11 years if convicted.

Divorce in any state is a painful life event. If you live in Texas and are seeking a divorce, you need to have a steady ally at your side who can help you through this difficult event.

Source: Cincinnati.com, “Wife of radio host charged with shooting at her seeks divorce” Jennifer Edwards Baker, Aug. 29, 2014